5 comments on “Ancient Ones: 1 / Kids: 0

  1. Poop-Dawg says:

    Yo, dawg, I just heerd Cthulu made you join Twatter!

  2. waldo666 says:

    I told Grampa to buy some corn. He forgot.

    • sternodox says:

      OK … no shit fritters (with shit gravy on the side in a little bowl with cute hand-painted flowers on it, made by trained wombats infected with a mutant strain of shit-rabies) for you then. Unless Grampa remembers next time. Then you can have eight tablespoons of shit gravy on one shit fritter. Don’t worry, it’ll be a big one. Well, medium sized.

      • waldo666 says:

        I sure hope so. I’ll make sure Grampa members this time. I think last time he got distracted by all that pus. I ain’t never seen so much of it from just one autopsy. But you’re right, that sure was a cute little bowl.

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