Album Review: SHITFUCKER




Shitfucker’s new album, Suck Cocks in Hell, is a brilliant collection of songs that showcases the band’s musical abilities and lyrical panache in a compendium that promises to enthrone the band in the pantheon of light-folk luminaries. This is a very mellow album that will certainly appeal to fans of light-rock visionaries such as Abba, The Carpenters, and Bread. If you like your songs quiet and airy, with a love-infused poetic lyricism, then Suck Cocks in Hell will be the perfect album for your next massage session, meditation circle, or vegetarian potluck.

Not since Joni Mitchell’s earliest days has folk music sounded so innocent and dream-like. Every song on this album is a quiet, charming, and contemplative exercise in being centered in a universe of quietude and perfection. The three members of Shitfucker have obviously listened to a lot of early 70s mellow music (Starland Vocal Band’s “Afternoon Delight” comes immediately to mind) and this is not to the detriment of your listening pleasure. Beautiful guitar strumming, sonorous and haunting vocals, and crisp, light drumming are the order of the day all over Suck Cocks in Hell.

This is the perfect music to play while getting the kids ready for school in the morning; relaxing with a natural diet soft drink after a hard day at the food co-op; or just sitting on a porch swing with your best gal (or guy). I can recommend Shitfucker’s Suck Cocks in Hell to anybody who is interested in light rock with a mellow touch. This is very beautiful music.