I Saw an Adorable Puppy This Morning!!!


Listen, I KNOW! It’s been awhile since I posted anything on this blog. That’s because I’m fucking PISSED OFF at all you stupid, fucking SMEGMA-WANKERS who spend hours and hours and hours inserting your weasel dicks into the sutured cloacas of rabid Australian bushtail possums while the local Republican lady buttfuckers club cheers you on and pays you twenty-five cents to do it again next Thursday. You’re all so fucking retarded and stupid and ignorant and sexless and fucking PUTRID that I hope an angry swarm of giant bees flies up each of your distended assholes and stings you to death FROM THE INSIDE! Do you hear me you fucking ASSHOLES??? I’ll kick every one of your fucking asses and pound the living shit-festooned polyps out of your sorry ass, you stupid motherfucking gerbil-inserting, colorectal polyp eating, fuckwads who each day endeavor to buttfuck an entire dump truck filled with amphetamine soaked parasitic bloodsucking roundworms! How do you like them shit apples, Schmedley? Huh? You think I’m bullshitting or something?? Well, you just come on down to the Junior High School tomorrow night and bring all your friends and I’ll fucking SHOW you who’s bullshitting. Asshole! Fuckstick! Shithook! Christ.

Coming Soon …

Somebody asked me when I was going to do another Gothik … you know, to continue the ‘Negative Zone’ story arc that so many find so compelling. I’m overwhelmingly happy that there are so many fans of the comic strip and I feel blessed to have you stupid motherfuckers complaining all the fucking time, horning in on my free time, and wanting SOMETHING for fucking NOTHING all the time. You stupid baboon-felching reprobates can all fucking bend over backwards and insert a mile-long avenue of burning rubber up your fucking urethras for all I give a rat’s ass. Look, I have a lot to do every day apart from providing cheap entertainment for a bunch of whiny Jewish Mexican Negro Fag Christian Cracker Slant-Eyed Retards who dye their hair and skin purple to fit in with the child-molesters down in the basement (whose rent is past due) and form a fucking folk-rock band with funk elements in order to sneak past the border guards and ass rape a bunch of fucking dead moose (and other large Canadian mammals) on videotape so you can get 4 views on Albanian Youtube and claim that sixteen of the fucking Pope’s bodyguards jerked off to it while shoving Vienna sausages up each other’s assholes. You hear what I’m saying you stupid fucking turd-brained shit-eating dead-baby-in-a-blender piss-snarfing ASSHOLES????!!!!!!! Fuck off!