One comment on “Never Scratch a Brown Recluse Spider Bite!!!!

  1. waldo666 says:

    I don’t understand why this isn’t categorized as “Dan Blocker”, or at least “Arkansas Photography”. Because either way, I’d STILL want to fuck damn near everything in my refrigerator, except for that one tub of macaroni and cheese that’s been in the back of the
    bottom shelf for at least three months and is stuck because of that afterbirth facial treatment
    we were doing that week because of that infomercial we saw with Bob Eubanks and
    Susan Molinari where they talked about their feelings, and looked into each others’ eyes
    and promised each other that someday they’d find that one Ray Conniff album with
    “Ob La Di – Ob La Da” on it that Susan used to have until the goat semen flood forced
    her out of her home, leading her to sell off her innocence to those guys who used
    to be on “Time Tunnel”, except Whit Bissell, because he was picking up some take-out
    saag paneer and listening to John Cage.

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