Black Is The Knots

by Rev. Sternodox (age 8)

Once upon a time this little girl named Suzy lived in a cozy cottage and had a cute little kitten named Fluffy that she petted and brushed all the time and nothing bad ever happened to her. But right next door there was a family that was retarded and cannibals and they had a laboratory that they experimented on animals and stuff in. One day Luther, the dad of the cannibal family, came home with a sack full of cute bunnies. All of the kids in the family jerked the bunnies out of the bag and bit the heads off of them all and got the blood all over their selves and also all over the floor. But the Mom of the cannibal family got mad at this and had a chainsaw that she started and ripped the guts out of each of her children with the chainsaw. When Luther saw this he got real mad too and grabbed the chainsaw from the wife, but he grabbed where the sharp part was and it was still on so it cut all his fingers off. He screamed and the bones were sticking out. Then all of the sudden a giant time warp came and these creatures that had eighty hundred heads on their dick came through the time warp. But the Mom was too drunk and spinned around and cut sixty hundred of the heads off of the creature’s dicks and their blood was green and got mixed in the red blood of the cannibal kids. But just then Fluffy got out and Suzy ran next door to find her and looked through the front window of the cannibal family house and saw all the pretty colors that the blood made when running together all on the floor and all on the wall. So she ran back and told her Dad of it. But her Dad all of the sudden turned into the mummy by magic and strangled Suzy. But Fluffy got this magic rock that was in the cannibal house and when she swallowed it it turned her into a giant alien that ran back to the house and killed Suzy’s dad who was really the mummy. Just then a firetruck that had two guys in it that were homos but were married and their wifes didn’t know about how they buttfucked each other in the back of the truck. But Fluffy turned back into a little kitten and ran in front of the firetruck and got squished flat by it. Just then a giant UFO came down and it was from Venus and had these other giant aliens in it that were shaped like giant turds and also smelled like that too. But Suzy was still barely alive and was in a great deal of pain from having all of her bones broke and almost skinned alive. Then Fluffy came back as a vampire kitten and killed the two homos in the firetruck by sucking all the blood out of them both. Then the aliens and Fluffy had a giant war in the yard of the house that the cannibal family lived in and knocked the house back a few feet and exposed the basement and when the police came they saw that all the missing children and pets from the neighborhood were in the basement and all chopped up and buttfucked and rigor-mortised and stinky and rotten and all corpses. And so they all solved the mystery of where those kids and pets went and got a huge reward and moved to the Bahamas where some of the policemen strangled this girl in this bikini and had to go to death row where they were put in a electric chair and all killed.

The End

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